Phew, that was a long period of inactivity but I’ve finally returned! I’ve been revising a project I worked on some time ago (Patient Manager). I’ll be posting new screenshots and some info in the next few days.

Microsoft ImagineCup

This year marked the first year that the ImagineCup was featured in Cyprus. Being a code monkey I joined up with a few friends and we tried to tackle the worlds toughest problems and come up with a solution. We chose ending global hunger as our problem and our proposed solution was featured in a […]

R3D Discontinued.

R3D development using the TV3D SDK 6.3 is now at an official halt. I’ve just started working with the new SDK(6.5) and it’s much more feature rich hence why I’m stopping the development with the old SDK. I won’t be porting the application but instead re-writing it because I’ve made quite a few wrong decisions […]